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How much does a side of beef cost ?

A tray packed side of beef (depending on it’s final hanging weight) will roughly cost between $950 and $1,150. A tray packed 'quarter side' will cost between $550 and $650.

From the time I place my order and pay my deposit when will I receive my side of beef ?

Please allow 21 to 28 days from the time you place your order until you receive your delivery.

How much deposit do I pay to secure my order ?

We ask for a $150 non refundable deposit on full sides of beef and $100 deposit on quarter sides of beef.

When do I pay the balance of my account ?

As soon as we know the final hanging weight of your side of beef you will be invoiced for the total weight less your deposit paid. We then ask for payment in full prior to processing your meat.

How long does my side of beef hang for ?

16 to 21 Days

Will I need to be home to receive my delivery ?

Yes please, we need you to sign for your refrigerated delivery and then freeze your meat straight away.

Do I need a lot of freezer space for a side of beef ?

You will need either a chest freezer or the freezer side of an upright fridge/freezer combo.

Do I get charged for my fat and bone ?

Yes, your total cost is based on the hanging weight on the entire side of beef. This includes the fat and bone. If you have no use for these bi-products we will happily dispose of them for you. Please check with your dog first though !!