Why buy in bulk?

Our beef not only taste’s good it is good for you !!

At Carnevore’ we sell our beef in ‘sides’ and ‘quarter sides’. A side of beef varies from around 90 to 100 kgs of lean red meat (including the weight of the fat and bone). For a family of 4 to 5 meat eaters this means around 6 months supply.  Your side of beef will be customized to your family’s requirements.

Save Money

There are HUGE cost savings when buying in bulk.  Compare the savings with any of your local supermarkets or butcher shops. Often you will pay $40 – $60 a kilo for a good steak, that’s probably why you haven’t had one for a while !! Even a simple kilo of mince can be around $19 per kg. Imagine having the luxury of selecting fillet steak, t-bone steak and rump steak all for the one low cost of $15.95 per kg (side) or $16.95 per kg (quarter side). (Prices as of 1.3.22)

Be the envy of your friends at your next BBQ or dinner party when they ask – “where did you buy this meat from ? “

Our beef not only taste’s good it is good for you !!

Share a side with family or friends, this way if the outlay is not in your budget you can still enjoy the cost savings and the quality !

The second benefit of buying in bulk is the convenience. Imagine getting home late from work and having a variety of cuts freshly stored in the freezer. Imagine being able to select your choice on a daily basis from meal sized packs and not having to rush out to the shops all the time. Today maybe lean sirloin steak, tomorrow your favorite mince dish and maybe on Saturday a BBQ selection to share with family and friends. What about when unexpected guests pop in – that’s alright, you will have lots to chose from – stay for dinner and enjoy.

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